Sunday, September 30, 2012

Outside of the lines

I desire to live a radical lifestyle.  A lifestyle that will not settle for the "American Dream" and the ideals that are engrained in us by our consumeristic selfish society.  I desire to be countercultural and ultimately to bring Glory to God!

I don't want to spend 40 hours a week at work simply to pay my bills and survive another two weeks.  I don't want to live for the weekends or for my weekly sitcom.  I want to live recklessly abandoned for God!  I want to be a part of His story transforming the lives of real people around me; the world around me.  My anticipation for the day should not be built up for dinner, a movie or sinking into a couch!  My anticipation should build up to the moment or moments that God shows up in my day.  It sucks because as much as I want to live this different life, I am a product of my environment and as I strive for this life of REAL fulfillment, my flesh, my selfishness, and my laziness drag me back into the mold society has cast for me.  I will continue to strive and continue to reach for a life that is based on truth, not the facade of comfort and viewing from a distance.  I pray that God would refine me and lead me in this path.  I pray for courage, boldness, and the strength to stand up against myself.  God is Good and He is real!

We all have the ability to share with someone the key that may release them from captivity.  We must be bold with the word of God and with his Love that He pours in and through us.  Pray for God to allow you to see with His eyes today!

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