Sunday, February 27, 2011


I am so thankful for the body of Christ. I have been spiritually dry lately, running on fumes. As you can see from the last post, I am blessed to be a part of many good things but in doing so I have been neglecting my time with the Lord. I got to speak about our mentoring program at church tonight to try and recruit some support. It was good to share with the congregation but more importantly it was awesome to be in God's presence. It was so good to be refreshed in worship and prayer. I was super grumpy this morning and i felt so bad because Kendall had to put up with my bad attitude but tonight the Lord brought cleansing and peace. I praise the Lord for every moment I spend in His presence. I don't understand why I continually pull away from Him or neglect him when I know that is where my fullness dwells. I pray for God to call me near and fill me with a desire that only he can quench. I pray the same thing for you. Get alone with Him.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


School: I came into the 3rd quarter with a fresh attitude and drive to put my all into my job. I have done better but can still use a little work. We just finished Volleyball and Wiffle ball units in my PE classes and this upcoming week we will start Soccer (the kids will be teaching me). My elementary boys soccer team has played and won 2 games since Christmas and we have another one scheduled for March 11th. Now I just need to get more than 5 to show up for practice. The kids have been really good for the most part and my relationship with a lot of the high school students is continually going deeper. One of my 10th graders approached me the other day to talk about purity and saving yourself for marriage. I got to encourage him and let him know that it's not "gay" to wait for the woman God has planned for you. I was just standing in the hall when he approached me and I realized how important it is to remain in the moment and acknowledge the opportunities to serve that God has placed right in front of you. I'm working on that too. Zach (my roommate) and I have gotten the high school boys to become members of the gym and we have them on a solid weight training plan. This is the first time most of them have ever touched weights and they are loving it. Its not unusual to see them walking the halls now with their sleeves rolled up or talking about their next max out, its a beautiful thing.


Our mentoring program is blowing up! We have had to move locations and split into two time slots. Today at 3, we had 13 kids and at 5 we had another 9. We are now meeting at a local church where I will be speaking this sunday to try and raise financial support as well as volunteers to help us mentor/tutor. As of now we are meeting Tuesday's and Thursday's at 3 and 5. We tutor in reading, writing and math then hang out for a bit and eat bologne sandwiches. It is an awesome opportunity to love these kids, give them a meal that they can depend on, encourage them, teach them and pray with them. The Lord is blessing this ministry emensly. Please continue to pray for us and all the boys we work with throughout the week. Most of them lack supervision, beg for their food and are surrounded on a daily basis with drugs and violence. Brandon is a 17 year old boy who just got out of jail. He was in jail for 5 months for stealing a cell phone (jail here is not pleasant). He does not know his alphabet and WILL become a drug dealer or continue his criminal activity if nothing is done. As I was sitting with him today helping him learn to read an analog clock, I realized the importance of what God has brought before us. These kids are at the bottom in this culture and do not have much of a chance to climb up. They don't know any other way and they won't unless someone shows them. Brandon has come both days this week and I am excited to see the way God uses our time together to open him up and heal the dark places in his life. I love serving these kids and I love being with them. They are in all honesty some of the most fun people I know. I feel blessed to be their friends. Thank you for your prayers.

Home Build:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the support! We will be starting the build next monday!!!! The posts are in the ground and the family is super excited! Continue to support in prayer and giving.

Much Love

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mi Vida en Fotos

Free time!

Down by da sea!

Beautiful Cindy. She lives at the children's home where Kendall works, everyone that comes falls in love with her!

love ya sis!

Mom and sister visited for a week! It was so perfect, I miss y'all

Volcano boarding aftermath

Kendall and I went through Nicaragua on our way back from the states. This is us volcano boarding!!!

Oh how I love our time in the car!

This is my island family/teacher crew/community/neighbors and roommates!! I love them