Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beggin' for MJ

Its Sunday night, I am relaxing before the week starts and I hear the all to familiar call. "Harry!" "Hey Harry!" Paul and Jarbie are only supposed to come by on Mondays and Wednesdays now so that we can work on English, watch cartoons and eat pancakes. But here they are at 8pm on a Sunday night (thats late when you have to get up at 6am). I go outside and they are waving a DVD in the air through the bars of our gate. "Harry, can we watch it, can we watch it!" Come to find out the boys have begged for and saved enough money to buy "This is it" the Michael Jackson movie that came out like 2 days after he died. MJ lives up to his king status here in Honduras. Many things have shocked me here like the love of the people for Garth Brooks, the taxi's that have removed all the seat belts and door handles and the obsession with Bojangles. But nothing fascinates me like the way they cherish MJ, thriller and Billy Jean are like a life line that runs through Central America. Maybe this is true for the rest of the world and my eyes are just beginning to be opened to it. Regardless, Paul and Jarbie were about to pee in their pants with excitement. I felt like the grinch on Christmas but I couldn't let them start to watch their hard earned DVD on Sunday night. I wasn't ready to be moved by the music. We made a few PBJ's and I sent them on their way promising that we would watch part of it when they come over next to work on English. Incentives are great for productivity.