Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Trip Home

Our trip was amazing.  It was totally God ordained and Kendall and I were so blessed to be a part of his work this weekend.  After a ticket was provided for me, I shared with my dad that I would be heading to Honduras for 4 days and he insisted on buying Kendall a ticket to come as well.  God was at work from the very beginning.  I have never let go and allowed God to lead like this before.  The trip was seamless, he laid the ground beneath our feet.  We ended up being on a flight with one of our good friends from the island, April, who's husband picked us up at the Roatan airport then proceeded to cook us lunch, give us a truck to use for free and a cell phone chip so that my phone would work for the weekend.  

We arrived at the church in French Harbour at about 3pm, dropped off our things in the dormitory and proceeded to the hill where all of our friends in FH live.  As we approached Carolina's house, we were welcomed by a group of about 10 kids ages 5-10 running at us with arms wide open.  We hugged and said our hello's then spent the remainder of the afternoon sitting in homes and talking about life.  We shared stories of Hasked, got caught up on everyones lives, and began to discover why God sent us.  

Hasked was killed on a boat close to the mainland and was burried almost immediately on mainland of Honduras.  Because of this, none of the boys or relatives got any closure.  The cultural ritual is to keep the body in a home for 24hr after death for friends and family to mourn and celebrate their life.  This process was not had so our time of story telling and reflecting was priceless.  We also discovered that there is a lot of superstition that comes along with death.  Pablo, richie and a few others mentioned that they were scared at night because they believed Hasked's spirit was going to return and haunt them at night.  Pablo has been so stressed out and nervous that he has been biting himself and is unable to sleep through the night.  He has 10-12 open sores on his arms where he has bitten himself.  He deals with this by making jokes about being so hungry, he is eating himself.  In reality he is cutting without a knife.  I was able to pull him aside and address this with him as well as the superstition.  I shared with him that on Sunday as I prayed, I saw a vision of Hasked in God's arms.  I told him that Hasked is in heaven and he is not coming back here.  His spirit is resting.  I watched a peace come across his face and he asked me, "Harry, what color is God?"  I told him that I believe He is every color but to me, He appeared more like a light.   

I shared the fact that Hasked is with God with the rest of the boys as well and that they do not need to fear any spirit haunting them because they have God who is more powerful than anything else.  

The second day we walked down the street from the church and ate breakfast at a little tienda where Ken (Blankito) works and were able to talk, pray and just spend quality time with him.  He has grown a lot in the past few months and is really beginning to follow the Lord.  He is also an assistant director of the play that is being put on at the church.  After this we went back to the Hill and gave out photos of Hasked to his friends and family.  This was huge for them because very few people there have photos and no one had any photos of Hasked.  Thousands of people take pictures on the island but no one leaves any behind.  We gave out 18 pictures of Hasked and other pictures of the boys and their families.  Thank you Martha and Jessica for pictures.  We stayed there talking with the families and enjoying each others company until about 2pm then went to lunch with Gus, Pablo, and Richie.  So we got real full then I went and played a little soccer with Gus and Hubert.  I was worn out after two games and had to go so Kendall and I could visit the Orphanage before too late.  We spent the evening at the orphanage then returned to FH.  By the way on the way back our truck pretty much broke down, we added a quart of oil and barely got back to the church but we prayed over it and the next morning it ran better than it did when we got it.  Praise God!  

Saturday we got breakfast (baleadas) with Gus, Pablo, and Travis then spent the rest of the morning at the orphanage.  After this we headed back to FH and walked to the point to visit Richie's family.  Pablo and Jarbie led the way which gave us some quality time to talk and just hang out.  We spent an hour or so there talking about life and speaking truth over a young girl (Marcela) who lives in darkness and has been robbed of her childhood / innocence.  She is Richies 17 year old sister and used to live at the orphanage so Kendall poured into her for a bit and allowed the Lord to do work.  

We walked back to the church and I recorded Jarbie and Pablo rapping, doing bike tricks and dancing.  

We spent the evening with families in FH again and I was able to speak some truth over Menfi and Bebe.  Both of these guys have grown and matured so much over the past 7 months.  They both have jobs, are consistently going to church and going to school at night.  I stood with Menfi as the sun went down and God began to move through my words.  As I opened my mouth, I felt the Lord take control and the power of his spirit resting on Menfi.  I told him that I was proud of him and that even though he is surrounded by bad people, God has set him apart.  Menfi is 15 years old and pretty much in charge of his 4 younger siblings.  His mom is always on the streets, usually strung out and she leaves at night not to return.  I really cannot fully express the darkness of the world that surrounds him. I am so proud of this young man and I truly believe God has called him to great things.  

I then went to Bojangles with Bebe, Menfi, pablo, Richie, Jarbie, and Alejandro.  We ate chicken, played cards, prayed together and we shared Gods love with them again before our departure the next morning.  

God blessed this trip and I am so thankful for all the prayers.  

Much love,