Monday, June 27, 2011

A Blessed Day!

I am going to make this quick but I was so encouraged and blessed by God and His body of believers yesterday. I was invited to share at Morning Star Church in Wilkesboro yesterday about the work I have been able to be a part of in Roatan. I tried to plan out what I was going to share but like always, I didn't get to say what I had planned to. The Lord spoke through me and He shared what needed to be shared. Throughout the service I had 6 or 7 people come up to me giving me prophetic words, encouragement and donations. I was so encouraged by this church and the way they came around me, a complete stranger and supported me with words and actions. This is the way the church was meant to function. We are called to walk though life together and to support each other through all things. God has been an awesome provider for Kendall and I over the past year and I am so excited to continue this journey of faith as we depend on him to provide for our everyday needs as well as the needs of the ministry we have been called to. Thank you to all who encouraged me and shared with me yesterday!

After such an awesome morning I was able to take a nap and catch up on some needed rest after spending the weekend with my nephews. I am so thankful for that nap, haha. Once I woke up 2 hours later, I went to Kostas' house for a bible study we are starting for the summer. Yesterday was our first one and it was so so good. Everyone was open and walls were immediately taken down as we started to ask tough questions and explore what a life lived for Christ is truly like. We are going through the book of Romans and I am so excited to see the ways God teaches us through His word and through each other. Anyone who is in HP and would like to be a part of the study, just let me know. Thanks for your prayers always.

Much love

Oh, we had Krispy Kreme donuts at our bible study! That was the icing on the cake!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A look back at the year!

I get to Marry this Amazing Woman of God!!!!!

The little ones at the children's home
Kendall and I got a dog, she isn't too lady like

You can't help but smile with these kids

The one and only, Pablo
Beautiful Caribbean

I taught these kids all year

I was blessed with an awesome group of teachers to work and do life with!
Doing life in the ocean

Meal of choice, fresh iguana

Headed home, adios Roatan. See you in a month

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Happenings

So I am back in NC for summer break and I'm getting MARRIED!!!!!! I'm so stoked to me marrying the woman of my dreams! God is taking us on an amazing journey.
So I want to give a little update on the past few months in Roatan. The mentoring program has grown to over 40 kids twice a week. Some women from the church have been cooking meals for us and there have been many new volunteers who have come along side of what God is doing in French Harbour. Two of my best friends, Aaron and Martha Parrish moved to the island for 3 months and helped put some structure to the program. They made such and impact on the kids and on me during their time on the island. Before they came, I had just been shooting from the hip each week and showing up to hang out with a bunch of kids but they were able to challenge me to seek and cast a vision for the program. It was awesome to work with Martha as she put in constant work to mold and push the program forward. We are very different in our approach to things but in this situation it brought immense progress. I now have a more clear vision for the reasons God has placed Kendall and I in this community. They left in mid May and have been deeply missed by me and the kids. While they were helping in French Harbour we experienced awesome provision. Aaron and Martha had been spending money everyday going back and forth to a local place to print out educational resources which was very inconvenient. After about 2 weeks, a lot of money spent and time wasted traveling back forth, a group of visiting missionaries randomly donated a brand new printer/copier to us. Thank you Jesus. In that same week, we recieved over $1600 of unexpected donations. This money has been such a blessing because it has freed us up to provide for the needs of these kids and of the program.
I gathered up 9 kids 2 weeks ago, piled them in my car and drove to the local orphanage where we played an epic soccer game VS. the orphanage team. Following the game, I took all the kids out for pizza where we talked about the game, good sportsmanship and the Love I have for them which is from God. These are powerful experiences that donations like we received a month ago have allowed us to do. Thank you to everyone who supports us. lives are truly being changed and these young men are being empowered by the love of Christ.
The mentoring program was going to stop for the summer when I left for two months but God had other plans. A week before I left, two women approached me and said that they wanted to keep the program going for the summer and that once I got back, they want to expand and offer more to the kids. One of the women, Jennifer, shared her vision with me for a program that functions everyday of the week, providing food for kids and a positive safe environment to keep them off the streets. I am so thankful and encouraged by the way God brings like minded believers together to accomplish His purposes. Thanks for your prayers!

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Friday, June 10, 2011


They Put Chrome Rims on the Rodeo!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chug a Lug

So my car has been for sale for the last month because its falling apart and my mechanic said I need to replace the frame (didn't know that was possible). Well I began this journey as a used car salesman with a lot of ambition. I advertised my 2000 Rodeo for sale at $4,800 (I've invested about $5,300). I know it sounds ridiculous to you, but cars are super expensive here. So I was finally approached by a guy who was interested. He showed up and with an air of confidence I began to tell him how well the engine runs and how the A/C is super cold and under my breath I mentioned that I have had to have some work done because of the rust on the frame. Then came the test drive. We get in an he hit the gas like we were at Bowman Gray Race Track. RPM's were running at like 5000 and I was sitting in the back praying for the car to stay in one piece. I guess he really wanted to test her. We stopped at a gas station to turn around and the motor gargled for a minute then cut off. The car honestly hasn't done that to me, at least not in a long time, but I also don't push her that hard. By this point, they were questioning my credibility. They offered me 2,000 for the car I told them I wanted 3,000 and I left with no deal. The next day I was driving it and heard a terrible noise under the car, I took it straight to my mechanic who told me the frame had broken, like in two pieces! The guys called back that day and offered me 2,500, at this point I would take anything. We had a deal but I told them it was at the shop and we would have to meet the next day. My mechanic spent a day welding everything possible and by the time I handed it off, it was driving better than ever. The guys who bought it had gone by the mechanic and were well aware of the rust damage so in the end I felt fine turning the car over to them. The moral of the story is that I am a crappy used car salesman because I have a conscience. I had knots in my stomach for 2 days because I didn't want to screw these guys over, in the end they knew of all the cars problems and I had come down to half of my asking price, I believe it is a win win. Adios Rodrigo/Sasha, the Rodeo!