Thursday, March 15, 2012

Compelled by the burden

"How I have been hurt by their adulterous hearts which turned away from me, and by their eyes which played the harlot after their idols" Ezekial 6:9.

This is God response to years of disobedience by the Israelites. They knew God but turned from Him to things made by human hands. I believe God feels the same way as He looks at the world around us now, especially America. We have turned to our subtle idols, tv, clothes, cars, jobs, phones, and self fulfillment. We have become comfortable and lost sight of the one and only God who has given us life. I pray for God to burden you and I for this dark world. Let us be moved by Gods heart for the lost, the decieved and the comfortable. We are the light in the darkness and Jesus is our hope!

Much love

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Let this be a blessing to all who read. God moves in amazing ways.

As we drove back to our dorm, the car was silent. My mind was racing with questions and my heart was full of joy. Tyler was still drying his eyes and wiping the snot from his nose as his girlfriend began to talk about her exams the upcoming week. She and Stephen were desperate to break the uncomfortable silence. We had just witnessed something that none of us would ever forget, especially Tyler who would never be the same.

I had only recently begun to walk with the Lord and was slowly being introduced to the power of the Holy Spirit. Tyler had turned from all forms of religion years before in his teens, stephen was raised Catholic but didn't really practice and Megan's religion was sailing. All that to say we took an eclectic group to my roommates pentecostal church that morning.

We all sat upstairs in the back row of the church, trying to be as discrete as possible. At this point, I realized how uncomfortable this was about to be and in turn began to get a knot in my stomach. my friends were going to think I was crazy for bringing them to this church where people shake tamborines, yell and speak giberish whenever they feel led. I had only been to this church once and that was my first time hearing someone speak in tongues which was a little odd to me but I was able to brush it off. This service started off pretty normal but I quickly realized this service wasn't going to be like the first one I came to.

During worship, the pastor began to pray and speak in tongues. He said he felt like the spirit was moving us to have a service of prayer and healing. I was ready to run for the door when my roommate who had invited us asked if we would be willing to go downstairs and pray with him. We were cornered. Just where God wanted us.

We circled up with my roommate, Cedric, and a few others who all began to pray at once. I couldn't stop thinking about how awkward my friends felt or what they were going to think about this. What I really needed to do was trust in God's plan. Cedric began to pray in tongues and kept it up for a solid 10 minutes. My mind was racing, Stephen was awkwardly looking around, and megan was closing her eyes and waiting for it all to be over.

Tyler began to cry and hit the ground with snot pouring out of his nose and tears soaking his palms. He cried the entire time Cedric prayed. No one understood the words Cedric was saying and no one knew why Tyler was breaking down but we all stood there waiting and wondering what was taking place. It was powerful, we all felt the presence but none of us could describe it. Cedric prayed in tongues unknown over Tyler for about 10 minutes then we were out the door.

Later that night, Tyler came to me so perplexed by the power of God. He called Cedric that night so confused. He asked, "How did you know all of that?" "You were talking about things I have never told anyone. No one knows about my dad or my childhood" "How did you know those things you prayed over me this morning?"

Cedric had no idea what Tyler was talking about. He had prayed in a foreign tongue, a language of the Spirit and had no idea what he was saying. Tyler heard the voice of the Spirit. God touched Tyler's life that morning through the power tongues. Tyler has never been the same. God captivated his heart that morning and Tyler has been following our Lord and savior ever since. We serve a great God who can meets us where we are however He wants.

I have had some bad experiences with gift of tongues being abused or misused in the past but on this God used the gift of tongues to save a life. I felt compelled to share this because I believe God wants to do miraculous things in our lives if we will let trust Him to do so.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Burdened for the Deceived

I served food tonight at the homeless shelter with an Indian woman. I had never met this woman but felt compelled to carry a conversation with her. I asked her about her life, her family, her work, why she served, if she went to a church and I shared my life with her in the process. As I spoke to her about God leading me to Honduras and calling me to serve those in need, she nodded her head with understanding but was visibly uncomfortable. I discovered she was Hindu after telling her about my best friend who is currently on his way to India as a missionary. She was not offended but she also didn't stick around for long after the food was served. Her reason for serving was because she felt good afterward, she felt like she needed to help. We all have something built into us that needs to serve. We were created in God's image and fashioned according to His will. He became the greatest servant to ever live so obviously we are going to feel good when we serve. It's what we were built to do! Our generation of 20 somethings and younger have been led astray by the biggest lie ever told, "it's all about me." We are consumed by materialism and temporary fulfillment. Even in the church, we often only participate if it works for us. We need to step it up and create a challenge. Our generation is too comfortable and content. The world around us is as dark as it has ever been but we are too focused on our video games, sports, clothes, car, job, or even growing our ministry that we miss what's right in front of us. Jesus say's "Love your neighbor." Start there, serve someone where you are. I guarantee you no matter where you live and what you do there is someone who has a need, try simply listening. You will be rewarded, there is a piece of you that is crying out to serve someone. Go out and find a challenge, do not settle for what this world has to give. Take hold of what God has for you.

As I left the shelter tonight, I felt God say that His heart breaks for the deceived. We must boldly share His message, but you may need to earn the right to be heard first.