Friday, December 9, 2011


While Kendall and I were dating nothing made sense. She had a year left in school, I had another year or more in Honduras and I didn't even really know if she liked me. But something compelled me to pursue her. She didn't give me much back but she never told me to stop either, so I took what I could get and I went after her. She was on my heart and I couldn't stop moving toward her. I eventually poured out my heart to her and told her that I didn't understand how this was going to work or if it was going to work but I was going to continue pursuing her until she told me to stop. She became my beautiful bride!

The church is Gods bride. He will continue to pursue us until we tell him to stop. He loves us and is compelled to pursue us even when it doesn't make sense. Even when we aren't giving him much back, He loves us! And if you tell Him to stop, He will stop, because he loves you and has given you free will. Kendall never told me to stop so I made her my wife. I believe that marriage is the perfect image of the way God loves his body, the church, all of us. He is pursuing us, but we must accept Him.

Love God.