Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kickin' Rocks

So after being here for over three months, I feel like I kind of know what I am doing. The planning is coming easier and the kids seem to be responding to me and not testing me so much. Here is a little catch up on the last month:

!We wrapped up the first quarter of school about three weeks ago. We took an entire half day to watch the Passion of the Christ with all of the high school students. It was awesome to see students eyes become open to the reality of Jesus' suffering.

!We have had one high school girls soccer game and one boys game. Both teams lost their games but played well. We have another game for the girls tom., wish us luck.

!The other teachers I live and work with are awesome and we seem to have a new adventure every weekend. We spent a weekend at a hostel in a very secluded part of the island, We dressed up for Halloween as a local Cell phone company and power company, Spent some time at the beach with the donut girls, went to a floating restaurant and many other adventures that come with being a teacher in Honduras (no seatbelts, plenty of truck beds, mosquitoes galore, new smells, and a very slow lifestyle.)

!I ordered new soccer and volleyballs! I really underestimated the students passion for soccer and overestimated the strength of the balls that I brought. We are down to 4 "nice" soccer balls for the team, three plastic ones for recess, and 2 volleyballs, but reinforcements arrive this week. Thanks for your support. The kids here will literally kick anything. When I won't give them a ball, they will play a game with a bottle, a bottle cap, a rock or anything that will more across the ground.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Writers Block

Sorry I my brain is too tired to write anything meaningful so ill let pictures to the job:

Calling it a day with avocado smoothies, Soo Good!

Family Foto

Pep corner with Mitch Voth

Game time! Thanks to everyone who is supporting me and this school. The money for soccer balls and other equipment has brought a lot of joy to these kids and made my life much easier here as a PE teacher. Much Love

Gotta love em'

Seniors, if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch with the pups

Donut girls at the beach con yo y Amy

Just a day at the beach