Friday, December 17, 2010

Money, Prayer, or Spreading the Word

We Have 73 days left to raise over 7,000 dollars, please contribute through donations, prayer, or simply by sharing this link with someone who you think would like to support this cause! Thank you and Much Love!

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Merry Christmas a little early!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 o'clock, three other teachers and I meet up with a hand full of kids from the community and tutor them in reading and writing. This gives us an awesome opportunity to get to know them deeper and be a good influence in their lives. Every time we get together we make sandwiches for all the boys, give them some water and usually an apple or some cookies. This is huge for these kids because they can rarely even count on one meal a day. If they do have a meal prepared at home it is usually just for dinner and something with very little sustenance. Our first Tuesday, we had one kid show up (Pablo), last Thursday there were 11. If the kids come to 8 classes they get a free soccer ball from us, we have already given away one. I love getting to pour into their lives, but teaching 11 kids at a time with only four people is kinda crazy so I think we are going to shift the vision to more of a bible study youth group time. We are making progress with the reading and writing but we feel like the Lord is calling us to focus more on their hearts. Keep this in your prayers and thank you to everyone who has contributed financially to what I am a part of here in Roatan. This is one of the ways your money is being used.