Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sports, Guitar, Jesus and a bum knee

We have officially begun playing American Football. The day after the superbowl, all PE classes began step one of learning to use a football which is "Don't kick it!" I had to explain that a football is not round like a soccer ball, therefore it does not roll properly when kicked to another student. Regardless of what I say the students still insist on trying to dribble it in the air with their feet and knees. After a week or so of doing drills we are now playing flag football and the students seem to really enjoy it when they understand what's going on (Thanks Matt for the flag belts your church donated). We also recieved 10 brand new footballs a week ago. I called my mom in the states to see if she could buy a couple footballs and send them down to us and she ended up sending 10 free ones. She went to the PE teacher at her school to ask her if she could help deflate some balls to send me and the PE teacher gave her footballs that someone had brought and given to their school for free. God is really loving sports these days. I love the ways he has blessed me and this school. Its a beautiful thing. In other news I have begun to seriously learn guitar finally. My dad bought me a guitar five years ago and it has been played by me maybe twice a year until now. I feel like its finally time for me to learn to play to worship God and lead others into that as well. So keep that in your prayers if you would along with my bum knee. I decided to start training for another marathon about a month ago and within one week, I couldn't walk without 4 Ibprofens. I messed up my knee somehow and its driving me crazy because I can't run like I would like to. I don't know whats going on with it any prayer for healing and patience is needed.
Life on the island has been very good. Some other teachers and I have begun going to an orphanage on the weekends and hanging out with the kids who live there. There are 21 kids total and one woman who lives at the home with them. As you would imagine, they don't have much supervision and definitely do not recieve the attention that is needed. The kids are a little rough around the edges but great and very open to us being there. I am going hiking and possibly iguana hunting with a few of the older boys this weekend. Should be an adventure.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bling Blau

Here are a few snapshots of life on the island over the past months. Enjoy. I will write again soon, but I'm out of words today.

A nice swim to the cay's

Just a walk on the beach, a friend called this the "Honduran babysitter"


Taking a walk through town on Saturday I was able to hang out with Christian. He was with his friend building a boat to wade out and go fishing. They were stuffing coke bottles into the cracks of this pallet to make it float and using a stick to push themselves out into the water. It was quite amusing but looked fun so a few minutes later I found myself in the water with them. Haha, I love the ingenuity of kids.

Mi amigos y yo having a day off

I love you too momma