Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Honduras.  It was an amazing trip and we feel so blessed to have been a part of what God is doing on that island.  Enjoy!

My Godson Kendall

Harry and Kendall in French Harbour

Kendall and Carolina 

Kendall squared

Hanging out in French Harbour with Pablo and his family

Kendall and Harry 

Marba, Andromida and Kendall in French Harbour

Girls in French Harbour

Kendall, with the kids at the children's home

Cindy the most beautiful little girl in the world!

Walking to Richie's house in French Harbour

Enough Said

My Godson baby Kendall

I am so proud of Menfi.  He lives in such a dark place surrounded by bad people but is rising above.  The Lord has great plans for this 16 year old boy.  He has a full time job, is going to night school, and is caring for his siblings.

Pearly Whites

Girls in Los Fuertes

Monday, May 14, 2012


 I believe Hasked was rescued by the Lord this week.  He is a 14 year old boy who lives in French Harbour.  I was blessed to spend 2 years of my life getting to know him and sharing life with him.  He loved soccer and was awesome at it.  He would play any position you asked him to but my favorite was to watch him in the goal.  He was incredible, like a brick wall.  Nothing got by him. 
            Hasked had a soft heart and would do anything you asked him to without complaint.  I worked with him through our mentoring program on the island and he was always one of the first to volunteer to help.  He was soft spoken but had the brightest smile.  He came alive when he was with his friends at the beach, on the street or playing ball on the conchita.  He also loved going to the ocean, eating fried chicken and hunting iguanas.  He impacted my life along with the other kids from Roatan more than I could ever express; I love him. 
            He was killed this weekend while riding in a boat to the mainland.  His mother had decided to send him to the mainland for unknown reasons.  He was a great student and would have graduated the 6th grade very soon but poverty and desperate situations can drive people to sacrifice what they know is right.  Hasked’s family lived in poverty on the island and his father worked on the mainland.  Some speculate that his mother was sending him over there to work with his father while others say he was being sent by his mother to smuggle drugs.  The drug trade is very heavy through Roatan and many kids his age are recruited as movers of the drugs from place to place. 
            One of my friends who is currently on the island spent some time with Hasked the day before he left and he came up to her with tears in his eyes because he didn’t want to leave.  She pulled him aside and he cried with her while doing nothing but shaking his head to all of her questions.  The other boys tried to convince Hasked to sneak away until the boat had left so that he wouldn’t have to go but he refused because he didn’t want to disappoint his mother.  I believe these boys all knew nothing good would come of this.  Most of them are recent believers and are learning to walk out their faith together. 
            Later that night, Hasked departed on a small boat leaving for the mainland and before they were far from Roatan, the local police opened fire on the boat.  The local police regularly monitor the waters around the East end of the island because of the high volume of drug trafficking.  The police believed the boat which carried Hasked was a drug boat and opened fire, no questions asked. Not only did they open fire on the boat but they shot explosives at the boat as well which left this 14 year old boy no chance.  
            Hasked lived in a dark and desperate place with little to no support.  I believe God new what lay before him and took him now.  I believe god rescued him from what lay ahead.  He was such a sweet kid and I love him more that I can express he is my brother in Christ and today God is holding him in His sweet embrace.  Hasked is experiencing a love inexpressible.  Something he has never had before.  Pray for the other boys in Roatan and the people who loved him dearly.  Hasked is rejoicing with our God today.  Pray for those who are mourning this life cut short.       

Much Love