Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The above picture and following pictures are a glimpse into our work on the island!

Fe Y Amor, Hasked ran up to me the other day with the biggest grin on his face and started examining my wrist. The next thing I knew he was holding his arm up to mine and giggling like a school girl!

French Harbour boys, trying to look hard

This is Jarvick, he has been hanging out with me for over a year and is really close to my heart. He can be one of the toughest kids to work with because he is all over the place all the time but he has a great heart and has come along way from constantly begging and hitting everyone he sees.
This is Ricardo on the left and Drestin on the Right. They are both 14 years old and have just received their reward for completing their first month of tutoring/mentoring. The first full month a kid comes to our program they get a soccer ball and every month following they get $2.50 which they can choose to save and put in the "bank" or take it that day.

This is Denzel, enough said.

Most of these boys have been written off as a waste of time or a threat to people on the island of Roatan. They spend most days begging for food and looking for something to keep them occupied. Many of them are can't read, have nothing to eat, and sleep in unreal environments. One of the families I work closest with has 8 people living in a one bedroom home; no running water or refrigerator. The community these kids grow up in is saturated with drugs, sex and violence which is inescapable but these kids have not been ruined. They are still full of life and the Lord is changing them. He is calling them one by one to rise up and become the leaders their community needs. I pray that God will continue to guide us as we pour into their lives. Join me in prayer for these kids and the community of French Harbour in Roatan Honduras.

Honor roll!

If you have been following my blog, you will remember the 4th grade girl we supported to come back to school this year. Her name is Alison and she is one of the sweetest girls I know. Her parents have worked exemely hard to pay for her to go to my school. They own a vegetable stand that they run out of their house and her dad picks up odd jobs wherever he can. The first two weeks of school Ali was not here so i asked our principal where she had been. I was made aware that her parents were 6 months behind on payments from the year before and that Ali would not be returning to school. I was extremely bothered by this becaus i know the environment Ali lives in and i can forsee where she will end up without a positive environment to push her forward and mold her into the woman God wants her to be. My mom, dad and many friends pitched in money to support her education this year which has blessed that family in crazy ways. When we sat down with Ali and her dad 8 months ago to tell them that Ali could come back to school without worrying about payments for this year or the debt from last year he burst into tears. He told us how hard he has worked to get her into our school and about ceasless prayers for God to provide for them financially. Ali had the biggest smile on her face and it hasn't faded since. The third quarter just ended and Ali ran up to me at the end of the day yesterday with a giant grin. She looked like she was going to explode with excitement as she yelled out, "I got on honor roll, I got on honor roll.". English is not her first language so she often struggles to keep up in reading and writing so this was a huge accomplishment for her. I was so proud to see her recieve her award this morning and i am so thankful to God and everyone who provided for her this year. Thank you!