Friday, October 29, 2010

More Than Cement

I spoke with Tom today who is in charge of Dwellings, the group that is going to head up the home build. He explained to me how the whole project works and said we will be able to plan on starting the home build in late Feb. or Early March. We got our fundraising web page up and running today. If you would like to support, click the link below. Every bit helps, we need $9,500, that is 475 people giving $20 each. If you want to hear more about it from me, just shoot me an email or check out the last post. Whooo! I am super stoked about this. You can come help build too!

More Than Cement

Much love - my email address

Friday, October 22, 2010

God Given!

I don't have a ton to say this morning but I want to share what the Lord is doing in the lives of this family. Here is a little back story. I met these two little girls, Daniella and Susanna, last year right on my doorstep. I heard two voices yelling "buenas, buenas...... Doughnuts." It was love at first bite. This 12 and 13 year old were selling homemade doughnuts on the street and lucky for me, they do this everyday. After eating doughnuts for about two weeks, Amy and Jessica started to have the little girls come in and hang out with them. We built an amazing relationship with these two girls, we cooked together, took them to the dentist, played a lot of games, practiced each others languages and gave these kids a chance to be kids and feel the love we all deserve. This year I don't live as close to them but I have been by there house a few times. The following are pictures of their family and their home. We have been blessed with the opportunity to partner with a non-profit organization called dwellings who is going to come down to the island and build them a house in Feb. as long as we can raise the money and get some extra hands to help in the building process. I am so excited t be able to give this family a more comfortable and safe place to live. Their home right now has mud walls and dirt floors, you can imagine what it must be like when it is raining. Keep this whole situation in your prayers, things have fit together very well up to this point, now we are waiting to here back about what we do next from dwellings. At some point in the near future, this project will be listed on their website for donations. Much love!

Dwellings website:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful Sky

I feel so overwhelmed in Gods goodness right now! I had a revelation last night when I realized that the entire time I have been back here I have been running non-stop trying to do Gods work. I have been building relationships, making connections, loving people and playing a lot of soccer at school. While doing all of this I have been seeking Gods direction, his provision and his blessing. Last night as I sat here dead tired, I was reminded that He says the first commandment is to "Love God with all your Heart, soul, mind and strength" and Matthew 6 says "seek first his kingdom and righteousness and all things will be given to you." I have been using God for what he can give rather than experiencing Him for what He is. Praise be to the Lord for his unending grace with us!
God had plans to rock my world today. Half way to school, my motorcycle broke down so I left it on the side of the road and continued my journey to school in a taxi sitting on the hump. I have been stranded by that bike so many times, I could only laugh at the situation. I stopped at the store on the way to school to get a Cinnamon roll which brightened my day a bit. The day dragged on and I felt like I got almost nothing done. After school, I took the moto to a mechanic who looked at me like I was an idiot and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I haven't put oil in it over the last month (Two stroke motors blow without oil). I left totally defeated and just walked to try and shake it off. I reached this low point of the day then I got stood up by Pablo who I was supposed to tutor today. The next stop was the grocery store for food and an energy drink, I needed something. This is where the Lord began to rock my world. I ran into a pastor who oversees all the church of God's in Honduras and Belize and we started catching up in the grocery line. We collided in the vision God has laid on our hearts!

Here is a journal entry from Sunday morning as I was praying about Gods vision for the French Harbour community here on the island:
"Lord, you want us to serve Hot Dogs! this is where it begins, simplicity and building relationships." I felt like God was telling me to take my eyes off of the big vision for a minute and look at the way he wants it to begin. He laid it on my heart to start serving food one day a week in the poor community of French Harbour like we did in Charleston.

Pastor Paul: "I want to start a food program at the church in French Harbour for the kids every night of the week, I want that church to become more of an outreach center than a Church. We have people who want to provide the food, we just need people to get behind it and make it happen"
Every time I let go and submit my plans to God, I see His faithfulness! Thank you Lord for you patience!

That was the beginning, I will briefly hit the other things that have added to the crazyness.

- The family of Daniella and Susanna (the donut girls) asked me if I could help them buy cement to put down in their pieced together shack with a dirt floor. I wanted the opinion of someone who knew about building and what the possibilities are of helping them further. A friend from church (Trey) who is a contractor from the states went by there with Kelly and I yesterday and I got this email today:
"Looks like Tom would like to get the family you and Trey talked with into the Dwellings program. He needs to put together a bio and get a few photos. Any chance you could help us with that?"
Dwellings is an organization from the US that comes in a builds brand new houses for families in need. We are going back by there later this week to take photos and get more details on when the project will start!!!!!!!
- I got to spend some good time with Kendall at the Children's home which always brightens my day!

- I have been looking for a vehicle for the past two months and have yet to feel peace about anything despite my frustrations. I almost bought a truck today but I knew it was the wrong decision so I backed out last minute. So I got a message from one of last years teachers saying her husband needs to sell their car and wants to give me a good deal. Whether or not this is the car I end up with, it's just exciting to see God bring options to me.

- We have our first Young Life style high school meeting this Friday

I will update soon with more details on the house for Daniella and Susanna's family, Much love.